Flexwell® Piping

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  • Working Temp: -170°C/+150°C
  • Operating Pressure: 16 bar
  • Available in: Uno

Flexwell® Application

Flexwell-170 / + 15025 BarUno

Primary UseHeating and Chilled Water
LengthsUp to 800m
SizesDN 20 - 150
JointingWeld Fittings
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Flexwell Application

FHK Pipe System

Flexible, endless production, double-walled, monitorable and self-compensating pipe system, -170°C to +150°C, PN 25, DN 25-150. Medium pipe: special steel, heat insulation: PUR


Flexwell district heating cable ® (FHK) is a pipe system that offers a high level of safety thanks to its double-walled design (with metal inner and outer pipes) and its integrated monitoring system.

Monitoring System

Pipes laid underground with heat insulation can be equipped with operational monitoring systems.
  • to monitor the heat insulation for external moisture
  • to identify leaks due to damage to the outer pipe
  • to identify leaks due to damage to the inner pipe, for conductive media

Stability Under Difficult Conditions

This pipe - which is laid directly in the ground - has proven its merits in practice for more than 40 years in a wide range of very extreme conditions.
  • difficult pipeline conditions
  • pipes below/inside buildings
  • low clearance/coverage heights
  • culverts
  • installation in protective pipes

Cost Effective

Installation times are very short compared to the time required to lay and assemble a conventional double-walled pipe - so the FHK solution is not only technically perfect but also highly cost-effective.


Mechanical connector with external/internal thread or weld end. The screw-on connector compresses a graphite seal to make sure a completely tightness.
  • DN 25 – DN 100, material: special steel/steel
  • Pressure: PN 16

Welded Connector

  • Welded connector with weld-on end
  • DN 25-150
  • Pressure: PN 25
Welded Connector