Eigerflex® Piping

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  • Working Temp: -20°C / +30°C
  • Operating Pressure: 16 bar
  • Available in: Uno
  • Eigerflex® is the flexible system, with or without a self-regulating frost protection strip, for cold water and waste water pipes

Eigerflex® Flexible

Eigerflex Flexible-20 / + 30C16 BarUno

Primary UseCold Water With Frost Protection
LengthsUp to 760m
SizesDN 20 - 100
JointingCompression Fittings or Weld
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Eigerflex Flexible

Eigerflex® Rigid

Eigerflex Rigid-20 / + 30C16 BarUno

Primary UseCold Water With Frost Protection
Lengths5m or 10m
Sizes125 - 315
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Eigerflex Rigid

Areas of Application

Cold water and waste water pipes which have to remain cool or which cannot be laid at depths that are safe from frost.

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Weldable Connector
  • PE-weldable connector
  • A suitable welding appliance is required
Screwed Connector
  • Simple screwed connector that does not require a special tool
  • Available with external thread, as a pipe coupling, T- joint or in steel with a weld end
Clamp Connector
  • Simple connector using the clamping method