Coolmant® Piping

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  • Working Temp: -20°C / +40°C
  • Operating Pressure: 16 bar
  • Available in: Uno
  • An energy and cost-effective system for district cooling
  • An insulated pipe system for district cooling, cold water and waste water pipelines with an inner pipe of polyethylene (PE100) and an insulation of CO2 blown polyurethane (PUR)
  • Suitable for operating temperatures from - 20 °C to +40 °C* and for pressure up to PN16
  • A system for main lines, distribution lines and house connections in district and local cooling networks for connection to geothermal sources and the insulated transport of cold water

Coolmant® Application

Coolmant-20 / + 40C16 BarUno

Primary UseCooling
Lengths6m or !2m
Sizes125 - 315 Larger sizes on request
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Coolmant Application


Coolmant® benefit from our decades of experience with pre-insulated systems. The quality is underlined by the outstanding insulation performance.

Energy efficient

By using insulation with the best thermal conductivity, we achieve the lowest energy loss. This significantly reduces energy consumption; your investment in district cooling with Coolmant® gives a long-term financial benefit!


Laying Coolmant® bonded pipes is quick and uncomplicated. The small outer diameters and the long delivery lengths of Coolmant® reduce trench dimensions so that installation is quicker. The long delivery lengths of Coolmant® mean that in many smaller schemes, the pipe can be installed without underground joints. You benefit from fewer joints, quicker installation and greater integrity of the system in use.


A comprehensive range of 100%-tight fittings is available to ensure secure and dependable coupling of Coolmant® pipes and connection to other pipes in the overall scheme. The range includes electrofusion welded muffs, pipe couplings and screwed fittings. Coolmant® uses a patented clip shell system to re-insulate the joints. These provide perfect protection for branches. The clips mean the shells are quick and easy to fit. They are then filled on site with pentane blown PUR foam.


Components for the Coolmant® system are available with short delivery times from stock. The wide range available provides an optimal solution for every project. We even offer short delivery periods for specially manufactured items. The excellent availability of Coolmant® products gives you more flexibility with planning and ensures minimum disruption to works on site.
  • For warm water use, a reduced operational life and pressure rating applies (according to DIN 8074)


Weldable Connector
  • PE-weldable connector
  • A suitable welding appliance is required
Clamp Connector
  • Simple connector using the clamping method